WordPress Dominates the CMS Market

BuiltWith.com reports that WordPress powers nearly 50% of all CMS enabled websites on the web.

wordpress popularity

At Elephant Ear Design we have experience with many different Content Management Systems including Drupal, Joomla and Expression Engine. However, assuming it suits our clients’ needs; WordPress is by far our CMS of choice. The reason is simple. With a basic working knowledge of Microsoft Word, our clients’ can update their website’s content with ease.

The biggest benefit of WordPress’s enormous popularity is that our clients are not locked into a proprietary solution that only we can service. While this approach may not be ideal for most web design companies, Elephant Ear Design strives to maintain our client’s business with outstanding customer service and strategic partnerships, not by boxing them in with technology.

Whether it’s a custom website design or an out-of-the-box theme, Elephant Ear’s experience with WordPress allows us to quickly develop, train and launch highly functional sites for each client.

Have a look at Elephant Ear’s WordPress portfolio and contact us when you’re ready for a consultation.