Sowell Gray

A collaborative of diverse and distinguished attorneys, Sowell Gray Stepp & Laffitte, LLC has established itself as a standard of excellence for litigation firms both nationally and locally. Located in the Historic Vista area of Columbia, SC, Sowell Gray merges old world charm with cutting edge technology in their 1913 office building, originally constructed as a school. The firm has worked to foster a client-centric ethic, prides itself on being a green business, and promotes donation of time, talent, and dollars at the individual and company level.

Elephant Ear Design and ADCO worked to create modern, functional design for Sowell Gray’s webpage that is mobile responsive and highly intuitive. Built for usability, this web design allows the visitor to view a single navigation while also previewing related elements. For example, while visiting a specific Practice Area, attorneys specializing in this Practice Area appear in the right side bar of the site. Blog entries relevant to the Practice area can be found below profiles of the selected attorneys. This smart design facilitates easy navigation for visitors.

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