Sisters of Charity

Since 1996, the Sisters of Charity Foundation has been working to reduce poverty at its root causes in South Carolina through action, advocacy, and leadership.  A ministry of the Sisters of Charity Healthcare System, the Foundation has distributed more than 1,950 grants to South Carolina nonprofits and invested more than $7 million in education related grants.  The Foundation has also forged many partnerships throughout the state to leverage resources and connect organizations.  Educational opportunities for community leaders are offered by the foundation through Carolina Academy, with great yields in terms of empowerment for the nonprofit community.

A joint effort between ADCO and Elephant Ear Design, the Sisters of Charity website is mobile responsive and sends clear messages about the Foundation’s mission and work while maintaining no-nonsense navigation.  A horizontal menu with drop-down navigation is can take site visitors anywhere within the site quickly.  Just below this, a large slider highlights a few of the Foundation’s core activities with buttons linking to full pages within the site.  Farther down, a series of horizontally placed boxes feature frequently visited pages, such as grants and initiatives.  A live calendar on the bottom right of the page that can be toggled by day, month, or week allows visitors to see the schedules for trainings given by the Foundation or events that may be coming up.

A unique feature of the website that is especially eye-catching is a by-the-numbers tally of the poverty ranking of South Carolina, grants awarded in SC by the Foundation, millions awarded by the Foundation, and % of children that are homeless in SC.  When a visitor hits that part of the page while scrolling down, the numbers are triggered to begin counting up from zero and stop when they hit their actual number.  South Carolina ranks 8th for poverty in the United States, so it counts up to 8, for example and the other numbers quickly count themselves up accordingly.

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