Columbia Marionette Theatre

The Columbia Marionette Theatre (CMT) provides entertainment, education, and creative outlets to South Carolina’s children and adults through the art of puppetry.  Founded in 1988 by daughter and son duo Allie and John Scollon, CMT is open seven days a week and hosts parties, school and daycare groups, and tours statewide.  Talented and diverse staff members at CMT are able to create puppets and shows tailored to the needs of organizations or groups.

Although originally housed in the historic Vista area of Columbia, CMT moved into its own custom-designed building in 1995 near the Riverfront Park, where it is located today.  The 30-foot stage accommodates puppets ranging in size from tiny, finger-sized to five feet in height.  In the Puppet Shoppe, visitors to the CMT can buy a wide variety of unique puppets, toys, or marionettes and take some of the magic home.

Elephant Ear Design took an innovative approach to the CMT’s new website, custom-designing a stunning illustration of the actual Theatre for the homepage.  The surrounding landscape is interchangeable based on season and special events, all of which have been pre-designed by Elephant Ear, and can be changed on the back end of the website by the owners.  All of the photography on the new website was taken by Elephant Ear in a special photoshoot, when they spent an entire day at the CMT to get familiar with the variety of puppets, scenery, and feel of the theatre.  The playful aesthetic of theater is woven through the website, incorporating elements of the original logo and homepage illustration.

The calendar keeps site visitors up to date the theater’s latest events, and can be easily updated by site owners at any time.  Navigation of the site is simple and clean, with no need for drop-down menus.  Content-heavy areas of the site are visually minimal, keeping the message and mission of CMT clear to site visitors.  A newsletter signup as well as social media links to Facebook and Twitter can be found on ever y site page, allowing visitors many opportunities to plug into the CMT community to stay informed about the Theatre’s latest happenings, events, shows, and news.

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